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Free Subscription

You can create an account and use IMesh for free without paying or using your credit card.

This way, you can share and download shared music and videos from other IMesh users free of charge.

If you want to download Premium content (identified with golden CD icons [ iMesh copyright content ] ), then it is necessary to subscribe to IMesh Premium.

If you need assistance with purchase proceedure, please see our Instructions for How To Purchase Subscription

A 6 Month subscription to IMesh Pro is $19.95 - IMesh Pro allows you to download free content at a higher speed along with a special Pro skin, unlimited space and supreme support from our support team!

A 12 Month subscription to IMesh Pro is $29.95.

With a Pro subscription you will get:

  • Faster Downloads 
  • A Powerful search engine 
  • Access to all unlicensed media content (peer to peer) free of charge and to play it as much as you like 
  • Supreme Support - Free Tech support from our support team 
  • Special IMesh Pro skin and instant messaging window. 
  • Unlimited space to upload photos and other content to your people page

Available to U.S.A. and Canada only:

A monthly subscription to IMesh ToGo is $14.95 - IMesh ToGo Subscription allows you to download your premium music to your portable device (Compatible with PlaysForSure portable devices []) and includes IMesh Pro.

A monthly subscription to IMesh Premium is $9.95 - IMesh Premium allows you to download your premium music and includes IMesh Pro.

If you have just finished your 14 day Trial, you are entitled to a second month for only $1.


With the new IMesh Premium you get:

  • All of IMesh Pro privileges plus 
  • Robust Discovery area with moods, IMesh Picks, artist discographies and much more.
  • Ability to access over 15 million tracks


IMesh contains both copyrighted and free tracks. Copyrighted tracks show up with a gold file designation [ iMesh copyright content ] and are accessible on an unlimited basis with our subscription service or available for individual purchase.


In IMesh, all the music that we distribute is 100% legal.

If you try to download a copyrighted file on our system that does n'ot have distribution rights, the file will be blocked.


Please remember that IMesh has over 15 million tracks that you can access through our service.



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