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Download the latest version of iMesh from:

Or, just click the big green button.

Download iMesh

Once you open up the freshly installed iMesh, the registration screen will appear asking to to register. In order to use iMesh, you will have to register a iMesh account. It's quick, simple and most importantly- it's FREE. Just fill in all the fields and follow the onscreen directions. Keep in mind that the email address you register must be valid; you will use it in the future to receive information from iMesh and to retrieve your password if needed.

Once you have entered your details on all of the pages, click on 'update' to complete the registration process.

If you are already a registered user of iMesh and have re-installed iMesh, when the registration screen appears asking you to register, and since you already have an active account, just click on the button 'Already Registered? Click here to sign in', this will pop open the iMesh login screen. Sign in to your account using your e-mail address and password, and wait for iMesh to sign you in.


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